Oppo f9 this is the new smartphones lunch by oppo in Pakistan India and many countries.

OPPO F9 PRO: detail about this phone feature design capabilities and much more,

Specifications Of F9 Pro

Premium design oppo f9 pro

Display size 6.3” HD

Screen ratio- 18:9

Ram 4GB

Bilton memory storage 64GB

Processor helio media tech p60

Front camera 25MP

Bach camera 16MP+2MP

Dual Sim

Connectivity 3G/ 4G/ LTE

Security fingerprint scanner at back side of a phone

Android 8.1 (OREC) update “yes”

Battery 3500mAH

VOOC charging

Colors OS: sunrise red, twilight blue, starry purple

Price: $335.

F9 pro this the wonderful device in every expect in start to the design so this is one of the industries first water drop design you can see oppo f9 pro, you can see the back of oppo f9 pro phone unique graduate design so you see that different shades different lighting conditions and other interesting you get better battery backup the previous version phones,

This phone oppo f9 pro comes with VOOC flash charger in the box is in.

So some interesting factors of VOOC flash charger VOOC is compatible only with the device are the enable VOOC flash charger,

Will VOOC charge damage to the battery and circuit of the smartphone.?

Absolutely there will be no problem with any kind of damage battery VOOC flash charging is one of the fast technology are there in a charging,

I can guaranty that because there is 5 level of protection starting from the charger and it goes inside the phone layering from the adapter to the port and interior of the oppo f9 pro one of the most feature is that whenever you play a game and dengue a battery so you can connect the charging on your phone and you can play the game as one as you want your phone does in not to heat it will fast charge and you play the games.

Does it come with AI feature and technology.?

Oppo f9 pro AI feature and technology enable in the primary camera this may a very pretty a previous version of AI technology now oppo f9 pro introduce 2.1 for the previous phone AI technology has been 2.0 now oppo has introduced 2.1 version,

In oppo have a feature of EIS or OIS.?

Yes, we have established in an oppo f9 pro in rear camera f9 pro electronic image stabilization for better video.

Does it support 4k video recording EIS and slow-motion video.?

This phone is not supporting 4k video recording but does support slow motion video you can shoot video at 1080 P.


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